We cold pasteurize your products

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HPP Nordic provide manufacturers a service to eliminate pathogens without heating. Products to process can be meat- seafood- and dairy products, ready to eat meals, eggs, juice, dressing, sauce, dips, wet salad, sandwich filling, pharma, cosmetic and much more. The company is independent and available to all producers. We can also provide you with knowledge and a technical platform to develope HPP products. We will participate in the development of HPP technology and its applications through collaboration with universities and research institutes.

As the first company in Sweden we can provide you with High Pressure Processing from mid september 2019.

With HPP you can improve your business and products concerning:

  • Product Safety
  • Decreased risk for recalls
  • Freshness and texture
  • Improved retention of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Clean label
  • Extended shelf life
  • Reduced waste, product returns
  • Increased market potential
  • Longer production runs
  • Food design

Founder and CEO, Joakim Lundgren


Joakim Lundgren
E-mail: Info@hppnordic.se
Phone: +46 705 16 77 70


HPP Nordic AB
Org No. 559201-4830


c/o Olavia AB
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