HPP Nordic provide manufacturers a service to eliminate pathogens without heating or adding additives. Products to process can be meat- seafood- and dairy products, ready to eat meals, eggs, juice, dressing, sauce, dips, wet salads, sandwich filling, pharma, cosmetic and much more.

HPP Nordic is the perfect partner for increased shelf life and food safety for your products.

The company is independent and available to all producers, HPP Nordic AB is an independent tolling station.

We can also provide you with knowledge and a technical platform to develop HPP products. We are participating in the development of HPP technology and its applications through collaboration with universities and research institutes.

HPP Nordic are using the latest HPP technology from Avure located in a modern plant based in Landskrona Sweden.

Cold storage.

When HPP treating your products at HPP Nordic your products are keept in cooled storage 24/7 for the entire time the products are located in our factory.

Free test runs.

HPP Nordic is offering free test runs for potential new customers. After the test run we offer consultation regarding measures (if any) that needs to be taken into consideration regarding the product, packaging etc. in order to fully prepare the product for HPP treatment.