Shelf-life & Less waste – Today, a large proportion of all food produced are going to waste, either as recalls or due to the fact that the product have been on the shelf for too long. Naturally, all of this take up resources, produces emissions and ultimately has an impact on the climate. HPP technology battles this issue by prolonging the shelf life of a wide range of different food products.

Clean label –Today, consumers are increasingly (and rightfully!) becoming more scrutinizing when it comes to additives in their food. Gone are the days when consumers accepted a declaration of contents the length of an essay. The signs are clear: consumers today want clean food with fewer additives and declarations of contents that they can read and understand. HPP technology allows producers to remove preservatives and offering products with a clean label!

Food Safety – HPP technology efficiently neutralizes listeria, salmonella, E-coli and other harmful pathogens.

Nutritional Value & Taste – HPP technology works with pressure instead of heat. This means that all vitamins and other nutrients are preserved. It also means that the nutritional value is the same as in the fresh, untreated product. When it comes to taste – the picture is the same. Because HPP is not a thermal process, all the taste, texture, aromas and color are kept intact. Not only does HPP prolong the shelf life of your products – it also keeps them super fresh and tasty!